A Brief History

An explorer by heart, I found myself passing my tenth year in my adopted hometown of Miami and still wanting to see new landscapes.  Looking for new rivers, oceans, tacos, tasty adult beverages, people with stories way different than my own and a new career challenge, I packed up headed north...and west.  

This site chronicles the stories from my past I end up telling to new people I meet, and the new stories they help me make along the way.  Beautiful places, interesting people, new sounds, new tastes and new vantage points are my new norm.

I'm calling this #summerofchange but it is way bigger than that.  It has been a year of change leading up to this and is really more about a lifestyle.  Making the most of every second and finding enjoyment wherever I may be.

Sometimes I look around and wonder where I am and how I got here, but in the end I know I am right where you're supposed to be.