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12 days of Christmas (drunken nature remix)

12 days of Christmas (drunken nature remix)

A drive home or a drunken 12 days of Christmas?

One blindingly bright and sunny day on a familiar drive,  I was rewarded with not just my normal scenery, but that of snow covered pines and animals venturing down from the deep woods.  Over the river and through the woods, from Baker City to Bend, mother nature came out for a show.  In addition to the usual collection of sheep, cows and horses, on this day I also spotted:

1 bald eagle soaring,

1 coyote prowling,

2 coyote running,

5 head of deer a grazing,

6 magnificent Elk a laying,

Another 15 head of deer (also grazing),

20 head of deer a grazing (this is where I started to wonder where I can find a venison meat hook-up),

and 200 Canadian geese a roaming!

Note: Yes, I realize that I am way off on the original song and my numbering system is a bit out of whack. And yes, I have heard from a few people already that I shouldn’t quit my day job when it comes to singing or lyrics…but fortunately I don’t really have a day job! 

Alas, though my blog will go on with the amazing adventures I have yet to share on my 5 month #summerofchange #megzawander, I have landed somewhere!  If you want to hear the details, join my “yet to go out newsletter” list.  I promise I won't spam you.  In fact, my great aunt has signed up 9 times thinking she missed something. Sorry, Aunt Lela. It is coming soon! 

Utah - Moab to Torrey

Utah - Moab to Torrey

Arches National Park

Arches National Park